Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So Today....

I can't sum it up much better than that right up there.

Today is a bad day.

Nothing really terrible happened, just a lot of bad things.

I'm getting mighty tired of this cold.  I actually really want to go run, but I'm afraid I'll hack up a lung if I do.  And I'm pretty sure I'll need that lung later in life.

I'm also hungry.  Like really hungry.  I want Chicken Nuggets and French Fries.  Only guess what?  I said no fast food for December.  So that means I don't get Chicken Nuggets and French Fries.  Maybe I should have given up something easy...like dates.  No dating December.  Seems to be the way December will go down anyway. 

Yea I got stood up today......

And I'm still hungry.

And I still want McDonald's.
Or Starbucks.
Or anything...anything with grease, sugar, loads of calories and yummy goodness.

And can we talk about this for a minute? 
What the crap?

I have grand plans for this weekend.  I am supposed to be in Music City USA enjoy Ice at Opryland.  Not in Trumann living Ice.  This is no good.  Not at all.  No in the least little bit.  I am still crossing my fingers that everyone is dumb and it's still going to be warm this weekend.  One can hope?  Right.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.... right?

By the way,

I'm STILL hungry.

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