Friday, October 18, 2013

Race For The Cure

Today after school, I will load up and head to Little Rock to walk in the Race for the Cure for the third year.  I hate that I haven't done this more.  I am excited though, as this is the first year I will go and actually be in shape.  We don't run it, we walk.  We walk with my mother, who is a 16 year survivor.

My mother and I don't get along all the time, in fact we were mad at each other last night and I'm pretty sure I kept telling her I wasn't going to Little Rock today.  And even though we don't get along everyday, I can't help but think how different of an occasion this walk would be.

I could have lost my mom 16 years ago.  I could have grown up without my mother.  That idea really scares the crap out of me. I could be one of those girls that has "In Memory of My Mother" instead of "In Honor of My Mother". 

Things could be completely different, I am glad it's not.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Update

So, school started and I haven't had the time to update.  I am a slacker.  Enough about that.

Here is an update for you guys (I know you're excited).

So school started.  I am teaching second grade for the first year.  I love it!

I made a trip to Nashville, went to the Johnny Cash Museum and it is amazing.  You should go.
I have told Canesa I will do a marathon in March.  It may turn into a 10K instead of a marathon.  13.1 is a lot of miles.  

I have lost 40 pounds.

I had a root canal, that was no fun.

The Walking Dead starts next week and that excites me.

I am going to The Race For The Cure on the 19 in Little Rock.  I am so excited to get to go again and walk with my mom and our friends!

I am currently obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.

I'm also obsessed with Piko tunics, leggings, and my Champs hi/lo dress from Kiki La Rue.

I also love a good photo booth, like the 1980s one they had at Flashdance at the Orpheum.

Piko tunic top from Obsidian, Leggins from the Urban Owl

Champs hi/lo from Kiki La Rue, denim jacket from Maurices

Flash Dance photo booth