Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Fresh Start?

As we draw closer to another year's end, I like to reflect on the year that has passed.  It was a year filled with highs and lows.  The highs were expectional and the lows was expectionally bad.  It has been a year where I have met some of the best people I know and dug a little deeper and found out more about myself.  I love growing each year and finding out who I am underneath it all the layers.  Somethings, it's amazing the things that change and shape you as a human.  I am grateful for every experience, good or bad, this year has brought.  Every memory, scar, break in my heart is a reminder of the person I was and what it takes to be the person I am becoming.

2011 Recap
Joined a gym
Started going to Central Baptist Church

Dyed my hair red
Saw Blake Shelton with Allison and Mandy.  Ate at Skinny J's before and experienced the BEST fried pickles in Jonesboro.
Started attending Bobby Cole's Singles Lifegroup
Saw Andy Roddick play tennis.
Started dating Shannon (for the first time)
Went to a step class, once...never went back
Saw Chris Tomlin in Concert
Loar 20 pounds

Went to Winter Jam in Memphis
Celebrated a one month annivesary in Memphis
Went to a Grizzlies game
Took a spring break trip to Branson...bought my first Coach purse, went through a house of mirros, almost ran over a deer, never found the lake, and had a great time with my BFF

Shannon got attacked by a spider, spent a week or so in the hosptial.  I stayed there with him most of the days.  The chair was uncomfortable and he was sick, it was scary!!
Stalked Gary Allan---met his band and his dog, but not him (There's always this year!!)
Turned 25 :(
Had an awesome zebra cake made for me
Took the third and fourth graders to a Redbirds game for their field trip
Saw Andy Griggs in Paragould. Got his autograph
Got FREE Kenny Chesney Tickets and left with a free Kenny Chesney shirt (Allison got it) and a Billy Currington poster!
Got feathers put in my hair :)
Went to the danged River for the first time, and possibly the last
School ended
Broke up with Shannon
Got a new car, my dream car pretty much.  2011 Red Mustang
Saw The BACKSTREET BOYS in concert with New Kids On The Block.  Pretty much the best concert of the year!!
Experinced Spray tanning for the first time
 Went to the Beach with Allison. Had an amazine trip. Got in a fight with the ocean, it won. Walked two miles in the rain. My camera died. Fun times!
Went to the lake for the only time this year with Britni
Went to a pool party with my lifegroup
Started Summer School
Prepared a dinner, Mexican chicken and cookie pops for a dinner party that consisted of Me and Alliosn lol
Started my blog :)
Stuffed the bus
Bought a Nook
Finished my classroom decorating in time for Open  House
Started Dating Shannon again
Started my 3rd year teaching
Saw Jason Aldean in Mississippi
Saw Keith Urban at ASU
Went to St. Louis with my lifegroup.  We went to Six Flags and to a Cardinals game.  I haven't been to either since I was 10.  It was a great weekend with memories that I will cherish forever.
Had a bonfire with my friends
Saw Les Miserables for the third time
Went to the fair two nights in a row
Searched forever for a Mustard Cardi
Went to the only football game I went to this year
Sent in my application for grad school
Saw Rick Springfield in Jonesboro
Went to Graceland
My phone died.... Got an iphone
Saw Memphis it was wonderful
Went to Little Rock to walk in the race for the cure
Saw Miranda Lambert
Played in a Student/Teacher basketball game.... We won
Started my first grad school class
Saw Breaking Dawn part 1
Went on a trip to Memphis with Shannon
Bought the complete Series of Dawson's Creek
Reunited with Katie
Had a great Christmas party with my KK friends
Went to see the Singing Christmas Tree
Took off to Nashville
Performed as a dancing salt shaker, a tambourine player and a karaoke singer while there
Spent my first Christmas with Shannon
Experienced loss in an extreme way
Found out I have the greatest people in my life.

Monday, December 26, 2011


If you have clicked on this link thinking that you may get something cynical, sarcastic or witty, I'm sorry. That's not the mood I'm in tonight.  I know most of you are pretty used to the cynical Megan.  The Megan that has been burned by love and has a witty comment to say about it.  I know that I have been lacking in the blog department since Shannon and I got back together, and I apologize.  If you ask any of my closest friends they will tell you I'm just as cynical and sarcastic as I was before, I just tone it down in public now.
Tonight, I am having trouble falling asleep.  The good thing about having a laptop now is I can pick it up while I'm laying here restless and being typing. 
As I sit here in my bed, I have a million things running through my mind.  Mainly, I am thinking how blessed I am.
Some of you may know I have recently lost someone very dear to me, a precious 11 year old named MacKenzie.  This is been the strangest couple of days I can ever remember.  There's no words to describe the emotional roller coaster I have been on.  I guess it's fitting that I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster, since she and I rode several together at Six Flags this summer. 
Since Friday I have seen first hand the importance of a church family.  I have seen a group of people come together and support our friends in their time of suffering.  I have witnessed several people completely drop what they are doing to go be by a hurting friend's side.  I have seen a group of friends huddled together in a kitchen to prepare a home cooked meal for a family that hasn't had one in days.  I have seen a group gather in a living room that could hardly fit us just to be there for one another.  I have heard of a church gathering around a grieving man.  I am proud to say I am a part of this church family.  I am a part of this group that will drop what they are doing to be with someone.  I am part of a group that will chip in and cook a meal.  I am part of a group that will, through good times and bad, stick together.  I am so blessed that I walked into that Life Group in Feb 2011.  I am so glad I was cornered and came in.  I am so glad these people are accepting of me in spite of my flaws.  I am so glad I can call these people my friends.