Monday, April 22, 2013

To The Lady In The Tie Dyed T-Shirt

Dear Lady In The Tie-Dyed T-Shirt,
I didn't get your name, and I didn't give you mine.
I am sorry for that.
I know you will probably never see this post,
And that's ok.
I wanted to give up today.  I wanted to quit.
I didn't think I could do it another second.  I was done.
Then you, lady in the tie-dyed t-shirt came up beside me.
We made small talk, and I said how I hated to run and I didn't think I would ever be a runner.
"Yes you will," you said "yes, we will," you said.
You gave me the motivation to run a little further.
Thank you lady in the tie-dyed t-shirt for pushing me to end the 2 mile track running in.
Thank you lady in the tie-dyed t-shirt for the motivation.
Thank you lady in the tie-dyed t-shirt for not giving up.
You will never know how much that meant to me today.

To all of you who have ever been the lady in the tie-dyed t-shirt, I thank you.

I could not think of a better post for my 50th post, than to get to express my gratitude for someone that took their time to push and motivate me, when they do not know me other than the lady in the green tank top.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Birthday Celebration

Ok, so my birthday isn't until Tuesday and maybe I celebrate my birthday for an extended period of time, but that's just how I roll.

Friday started the birthday celebration.  I got to spend my Friday night with the most amazing, most awesome, most spectacular, most fabulous and hands down the most interesting group of ladies on the planet.  I was blessed to meet this girls six years ago in college.  We all worked at a day care, where we cared for children, caused many shenanigans, and grew up.  Honestly, I didn't like some of them when I started (and they know about it), luckily I outgrew that and now have four of the best friends anyone could have.

We go to get dinner together once a month (this started in Jan. 2012 and we have yet to miss a month) and have an annual Christmas party, along with a birthday bash in mid-April to celebrate our birthdays.  Our night consisted of lots of laughs, food, girl talk and texting boys.  Maybe one day I will do an introduction to my friends blog, of course only if they approve, ooh and maybe a guest blog or two....that'd be fun!  Anyways, enjoy a few pics from the night before I tell you about Saturday....

Quick Road Trip at the Start of Birthday Bash 2k13
The first time we hung out was the weekend before my 21st birthday, here were are 6 years later

This is my best friend
Happy Birthday to us all
blowing out candles
My better halves :)

So Saturday, my BFF Katie talked me into a Scottish Festival, there may or may not have been a promise of meeting a boy.  So I went to Batesville on the little amount of sleep.  We arrived at Lyon college to the sound of bagpipes and the site of men in skirts.  I may have made Katie purchase a fairy headband to wear throughout the day.  After the initial shock of the Scottish Fest wore off, it actually turned out to be pretty fun.  There were several vendors with some pretty cute jewelry and tasty food (I may have eaten a red velvet funnel cake, but it wasn't as magical as I imagined).  Katie also rented a dog for me.  He's name was Andrew, however I called him Conway.

Scottish Fest 2013

We had 15 magical minutes together

Today, I celebrated my birthday with my family, complete with a homemade chocolate cake with butter cream icing.  It was magical.  I also received Les Miserables from my mother, and I have been wanting it, but holding out buying it.  I am watching (and crying and singing along) currently. 

I hope everyone has a great day, and don't forget to wish yours truly a Happy Birthday on Tuesday.

Friday, April 12, 2013


No matter how stores try to candy coat it, there is a certain stigma around the plus size section of stores.  They can call it curvy or misses or whatever, but we all know what it is.  There is an imaginary line in the middle of the store where no one wants to cross.  At least that's how I feel about it.  I'm sure the girls on the "regular" side could careless, or the workers for that matter, but I always feel self conscious when shopping on the side of the store.  Sure, you get used to it and laugh when you're with your skinny friends and say "I'll be over on the big girl side" and saunter on your way to the plus size section.  While you began to search through the racks on your side, you secretly long to be on the other side of the store, where there is double, sometimes triple the selection of clothes.  You find something, take it back to the dressing room to try it on.  It doesn't look right, it's too tight, it's not what you thought it would be.  It leads to an emotional come apart in the dressing room and you vow to never it chocolate or shop ever again.  Until the next time.  Then the whole cycle starts over again.

This was the case for me at least.  And while I loved shopping, I hated it at the same time.  I loved to look at the pretty clothes, but I hated that I couldn't fit my fat butt in them.  It was torture to go to the mall.  Name a store, I have probably cried in their dressing room.

You guys know I have recently lost 32.5 pounds, and I'm determined to lose 40 by May 11.  I have noticed several changes in my body, but one thing that hadn't changed was my pants.  I was still wearing my same pants from when I was 32.5 pounds heavier.  I told people it was because I just didn't want to spend the money on a new pair when I was planning on losing so much more, which in theory is true, but in reality it was because I was scared.  What if I went in and tried on a pair of smaller pants and they didn't fit?  What if I had just lost one size?  I felt all this pressure, which lead to discouragement. 

After we were allowed to wear jeans to work all week, and I didn't even have enough that fit even a little bit to make it through five days, and all of my coworkers telling me about my saggy pants, I decided to venture off to purchase new denim last night. 

I walked in Maurice's and immediately went to my plus side of the store.  I grabbed a couple of pairs of jean.  Then I got adventures, I walked to the "regular" side of the store.  I felt like a rebel, like I was doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing.  I noticed a pair for $14.98.  I grabbed the two largest sizes that I could and ran off to the dressing room before anyone caught me where I wasn't supposed to be.  Since I was feeling adventurous, I tried on the smallest pair first.

I stepped in and pulled them up.  They went over my thighs.  They went over my hips.  I took a deep breath and went to button them.  The button with ease.  I pulled the zipper up, knowing it wouldn't make it to the top, but it did!  I walked out to look at myself in the 360 degree mirror.  They worker came up to me and asked me how it was working.  I told her they were too tight and I needed to put on the bigger size.  She looked at me like I was nuts, told me they fit fine.  She took the bigger pair away from me!  I had no choice in the matter.   Here I was, standing in the dressing room at Maurice's in a pair of pants from the regular side of the store!  Me!  The plus size girl, in a regular size pair of pants.  And, they weren't the biggest pair on that side of the store!  They still make them bigger.  I was not in the bigger size.

Tears came to my eyes and spilled down my face.  Here I was, having another come apart in the Maurice's dressing.  But this time, it was not a bad thing.  It was the most amazing shopping trip I have ever been on. 

Hard work pays off.  Good things do not come to those who wait, could things come to those that get up and get going.

Single, Fabulous, and getting skinner :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


*Don't worry single friends, I'm still working on the blog I asked for help will take a's not one of those set down and type it out*

I am a fairly open person.  So I thought It was time for me to do some confessions.  Here we go (like everything here, some are silly, some are serious, most are known, some are serious).

Favorite Body Part:  My legs.  I don't really know how they got to look so good, I guess it was tennis when I was younger, but I love them and I always have.
Least Favorite:  My boobs.  They are huge and they are always in the way and I hate them.  
Easter 2012
Favorite Feature:  My hair.  It is awesome.
Least Favorite:  My eyes.  I love the color, but hate the shape.

When I go to Wal-Mart I always buy:  I always walk out with nail polish or People Style Watch.  They are my guilty pleasure.

The Most Played Song On My Itunes:  What I'd Say by Gary Allan

Current Obsession:  Mint Green, Chevron, iPhone cases, Etsy, The Walking Dead and The Golden Girls.

Last purchase (in store):  Nude pumps for my Easter Dress.
Last purchase (online):  My Johnny Cash necklace.

Now I'm tired of this......