Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Link Up

Finish The Sentence With Jake & Holly

Hey!  I've never done a link up before but I thought, why not.  My page sucks and I'm almost embarrassed to link up and have some really cool "professional" type bloggers look at it, but oh well.  Make fun if you want, I'm a stressed out teacher, that hasn't even had time to blog in ages.

Anyways I read these link up things all the time, always wanted to join in the fun.  This one looked here it goes.  I hope I don't suck.  BTW, I'm such I loser I don't know how to link up right, sorry I'm a failure

My happy place... Walking down Broadway in Nashville, TN.  I love all the live music you can hear from every honky tonk.  Or at a musical.... Or at a live concert... Or the beach...  Pretty much if you get my out of the house or work I'm friggin' happy.

Whatever happened to... Andrew Keegan.  I may google that later.  (and yes the Full House song popped in my head too)

So what if I.... am 27, unmarried, childless and still living with my mom.  I buy new clothes and stuff, you buy diapers and formula....I win.

E! needs a reality show about... Trumann.....

My go-to fast food meal is... McDonald's pink slime Chicken Nuggets with Sweet and Sour sauce and French Fries.  I love that crap.

You might not know that I... wear glasses.  Apparently 250 kids at East Poinsett County Elementary didn't know that today "Ms. Megan, what happened to your eyes?".

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... football?  That's where they throw that brown ball down the field and run?  And sometimes the kick it?   Steve Young....wait....he's retired...was he even a quarterback?  Who knows. 

If I could... sing I'd try out for American Idol

My personality is awesome because... because I'm funny.......

Twerking is.... for private times.

I think it's super gross when... when someone spits their food out of their mouth into a napkin.  just hold your nose and swallow.

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... every time she twerks a kitten dies.