Tuesday, January 17, 2012

100 Places To See Before You Die...Megan's Version

*Disclaimer****There's really not 100 places mentioned in this blog :)

Tonight as I was wondering around Facebook, I saw one of my friends post a link to a survey type thing titled 100 Places To See Before You Die.  You checked the places you have been to and it said something about people going to more than 9 are above average or something.  I clicked on it just to see how I compare to others.  I had only been to two of the hundred places, The Gateway Arch and Disney World.  That means there's 98 places on the last I haven't seen.  Most where out of the country.  I guess that should have been a fire under my butt.  Like saying "Oh man, I really need to get traveling and see these places."  And for a brief second I did think that maybe I was lacking some experiences.  However, after that brief second I realized that I was not lacking.  Sure there are places I still want to go to, but I have done so much here.  So here you have my list of *some* of the places I recommend you see before you die.  Granted this is just my opinion and you may not think much of it.

1.  Graceland.  I believe every person should visit Graceland at least once in their life.  Elvis made such an impact on pop culture.  He paved the way for so many.  It is also amazing to see how he lived then compared to the way most celebrities live today.  Also, if you consider yourself a fan of his at all, I highly suggest going to the candle light vigil on August 16.  I have been once and it was awesome!

2.  Sun Studio, Memphis  If you are a music fan at all this tour is a must.  This is the place Elvis got his start, but it's also the place where Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, B.B. King and many others came to record.  It is amazing to be in a place with so much history.  It is still a working recording studio too, which is pretty cool.

3.  The Gateway Arch, St. Louis MO  This was one on the survey on Facebook.  I am terrified of heights but it's pretty awesome to stand up there and feel it move in the wind.  I like looking down on the cars and people.  The only negative I see in it is the small cars that take you up and down.

4.  The Old Court House St Louis MO  This, much like Sun Studio in Memphis, is full of history.  This is the building where the Dred Scott Slave Trials were held.

5.  The City Museum St. Louis MO (yes I'm apparently on a St. Louis Kick).  This is an awesome place for kids and adults alike.  There are a million things to do.  You can ride a Ferris Wheel on top of the building, climb in a bus hanging off the roof, go down a 14 story slide and then try to find you way out of some caves.  Fun times

6.  The Ryman, Nashville.  As many of you know (or could have told by my first to places) I love music.  I toured the Ryman in 2010.  It, like Sun, is full of music history.  It just amazes me to be in these types of places.  It makes me wish walls could talk and I could hear what it was like to hear June Carter and Johnny Cash talk back stage.  I know, I'm a nerd.

7.  Disney World  I went to Disney World many moons ago.  I believe it was the summer before 7th grade.  Maybe 8th.  I am not sure.  But I do remember how much fun I had.  We opened the parks and shut them down.  It is a magical place and I want to go back!

8.  Destin, Florida (or Panama City Beach or any Beach for that matter).  There is just something about the ocean that literally takes all your troubles away.  It is the most relaxing thing in the world to sit in a chair and hear the waves come in.  It is one of God's most beautiful and wonderful creations. 

9.  Hannah's Maze of Mirrors Branson MO  I'm very aware how dorky that sounds.  But if you are in Branson you must go!  It was so much fun trying to find my way out.

10.  The Mall of America  I was lucky enough to venture here when I was in Junior High School.  We went on a mission trip and this was our reward day.  I only wish I would have liked to shop then.  I remember being so overwhelmed by everything.  Now, I wouldn't be overwhelmed I'd be in shopping Heaven.  I hope I can go back one day.

11.  St. Louis Zoo.  First off, it's free and that's awesome.  Second off the hippo exhibit is friggin cool.  And third off, you can see penguins up close and personal.

Now granted, I have not been many places and there's still so much more I want to see, but here is my list of the top 11 places I think you should go to.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Miss Megan's Rules For Life

Do any of you remember the song from the 90's "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" by Baz Luhrmann?  Well, it really wasn't a song, more like some guy reading some other guys speech with music behind it.  They gave lots of great "rules" or advice for life.  I always liked it and thought there was good advice in there.  Here is the link to the video on YouTube if you need a refresher.  Anyways I said all that to say, here is my advice and rules for life.

A Little Back Story
This idea for this blog came to me in the bathroom of Upper Crust last week.  I know sounds nutty.  I was there watching the Cotton Bowl (Woo Pig Sooie, anybody?) with my friends.  Allison and I went to the restroom and there was a line of ladies waiting, there were two other people there in front of Allison and I.  After one went in the next open stall, the rest of stood in front of the other "occupied" stall for another minute when it occurred to us that it was, in fact, unoccupied.  This prompted us to talk about the right way to leave a door when you leave the restroom, which we (me and a total stranger) decided should be in a Rule book.  We also bounced around some other ideas.  So this blog, Miss Megan's Rules For Life, was born....enjoy.

Rule #1.  The Bathroom Door Rule
Ladies, this mostly applies to you.  If you leave a bathroom stall with a tall door (you know when you can't see someone's feet) leave the door cracked.  Do not shut the door the entire way.  It will not be clear if there is someone in the stall.  Knocking can help but sometimes someone may answer from another stall and get everyone confused.  Leave the door cracked, you can see in, then we will all avoid standing in line so long.

Rule #2 The Dropped Call Rule
Face it, at some point during the day, you will drop a call.  But, who calls back?  It gets tricky, you can both be trying to call at once and wires get crossed and busy signals happen and it takes 10 minutes to finally get back on the phone.  The person who made the call in the first place should be the person to call back.  They are the ones that had something to say in the first place.  If they don't call back, then they were done talking.

Rule #3 Fast lane/slow lane
There are two lanes on most interstates or major highways around these parts.  There are two lanes for a reason.  One lane is for slow drivers, the other lane is for me to pass you.  If you are cruising down the fast lane at 55 miles per hour, I have to change back over to the slow lane to get around you, then back to the fast lane to pass the people that are obeying the traffic rules.  It really is an inconvenience to me.  If you are not passing a car, do not have to potential to pass a car in the near future, or drive significantly below the speed limit, stay where you belong--in the right lane!

Rule #4 The Sudden Pause Rule
This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I see this happen the most at my two favorite places...church and the mall.  It normally happens when there are a large amount of people in one place.  You are going right along following the person in front of you when the suddenly come to a complete halt.  You know have to throw your breaks on fast or run into them.  If you must suddenly pause in a crowded area, please step out of the way then pause, to do whatever you had to do.

Rule #5 Inside Voices
I understand freedom of speech.  I also understand freedom of stupidity and lack of common sense.  I know a lot of times when you want to catch up with a friend you'll ask them to dinner and you may have a drink and get to talking.  That's swell.  However, if you are in a public dining establishment, you need to realize this.  The person at the booth behind you may not want to hear the graphic details of you love life, sex life, party life and life in general.  Once, in St. Louis the girls sitting by us talked so loud about one of their breakups I could tell you the whole story before I got a salad (he's stupid to dump you for her, she's so fake and you're just naturally pretty).  Now this was a harmless story, but still didn't want to hear it.  If you want to talk to you friend/boyfriend/mom/dad/girlfriend/lunch date/brother/sister/friend over dinner that's fine, just remember we don't all want to hear.

Rule #6 Put your cell phone down
*I am guilty of this some too, not as bad as others*.  Hello, I'm your friend.  I called you up (or text or Facebooked you, whatever) and say "Hey, let's go to the mall today".  You say "sounds fun, let's go".  So we go to the mall to shop and talk.  But, guess what?  You have your head up your phone.  I am talking to you, but not getting any response.  What is so interesting on that phone?  Facebook?  It's the same as it was 5 minutes ago, Sally loves her life, Susie loves her boyfriend, Johnny posted song lyrics and Tammy is eating cake.  Let's try to spend an hour in real conversations when we hang out, that'd be cool.  To add to this rule, don't talk on your phone at dining establishments.  That annoys me.

Or don't touch me

Rule #8  Gentlemen ALWAYS let a lady have your seat

Rule #9  Do other nice things
Like, say please and thank you.  Open the door for people.  Offer to help with things.

Rule #10  Let people know you care
Send a card.  Write a text.  Call them.  If you love someone, anyone, let them know.  If you miss someone, let them know.  If you want your friend to have a good day, let them know.  You never know when you will lose them and you'll never know how much it means to someone.

That's all I have now.  Feel free to comment and share some of your rules for life.